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Best Patio Dining in Salt Lake City


“You want us to gather on your terrace to sing a song, have a glass of wine, the three of us?” -Justine, Melancholia [2011] Al fresco, all day. Well, at least during patio season. Patio dining in Salt Lake City…

Best Unique Restaurants in Salt Lake City


“No, it needs to be more unique than that.” -Arthur, Inception [2010] If the Covid-19 pandemic taught me anything, the atmosphere of a restaurant matters just as much as the food when dining out. Takeout just didn’t scratch the same…

Best Bar Food in Salt Lake City

Best SLC Nightlife

“We’re in a pub! What’re we going to do now?” -David, Shaun of the Dead [2004] I feel bad for those under 21 years of age, because they are going to have to save this Best Bar Food in Salt…