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Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Salt Lake City


“He was Vietnamese, so it was spelled ‘Ph,’ but still that’s pretty jarring to see on a drivers license.” -Officer Michaels, Superbad [2007] No other cuisine has had a bigger come up recently in Salt Lake City than Vietnamese food….

Best Pho in Salt Lake City


Boyle: Oh, no. Crap! Oh, it’s not turning back on. Do you think Sarge is gonna be mad that I spilled “fuh” on the cam? Diaz: He definitely will if you say pho like that when you tell him. Boyle:…

Best Boba/Bubble Tea in Salt Lake City


Ah, bubble tea. This drink has balls. The bubble tea craze has hit Salt Lake City with new spots offering the tasty, chewy, sweet drink. Bubble tea was just made for Instagram. It’s colorful. It looks weird. And it’s actually…