Best Pancakes in Salt Lake City


“Ah, well, sir, I feel like a, like a slice of butter… melting on top of a big-ol’ pile of flapjacks… yeah.” -Private Miller, Pineapple Express (2008) STACKS ON STACKS ON STACKS. Pancakes, hotcakes, flapjacks, whatever. Stack it up tall…

Best Biscuits & Gravy in Salt Lake City


“All you got to do is make it out of here, and it’s all gravy. Every day, the rest of your life, gravy.” -King, Platoon (1986) Biscuits and gravy just feels right. Growing up in Salt Lake City, I wasn’t…

Best Brussels Sprouts in Salt Lake City


“It’s in Belgium.” -Ray, In Bruges (2008) In the Instagram era, food trends come and go. We here at Salt Plate City will not quit on brussels sprouts. When we are lucky enough to see brussels sprouts grace a menu,…

Best Brunch in Salt Lake City

Cuisines, Restaurants

“Don’t treat me like a three-hour brunch friend!” -Frances Halladay, Frances Ha [2012] Ahhh brunch, the most important meal of the weekend. There is nothing better or more important for your health than your first mimosa of the day or…